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Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, Depth of Knowledge, and Autism Education

I just came across this great infographic on Educatorstechnology.com on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.It shows us: 1. Bloom’s Taxonomy and the process of learning  2. Overlays Webb’s Depth of Knowledge so that they complement each other. The distinction between the two learning theories is that Bloom’s shows us the process of acquiring knowledge and is related to the […]

My iPads for Autism Education Journey

I am aware I’ve blogged previously about the use of iPads in my classroom, but I wanted to expand on this conversation and discuss this issue further.  When I wrote this blog, I was privileged this week to present at the Victorian Dept of Education’s Innovation in Technology Showcase, so I wanted to give you a […]

My Autism Classroom using iPads – A Blog I wrote in 2011

This is a blog I wrote back in 2011 (03/29/2011 to be exact!) on trialing iPads with my special needs class when the iPad was first releasedSo, let me tell you a story.  Last year I envisioned a classroom where I could make a difference to my students.  My instincts told me that technology could make a […]

iPads for Autism Education Blog

All children have the right to an education and educational resources that enables them to Learn how to learn.Learn how to think as a part of the thinking curriculum, andAchieve success in their learning according to their own individual learning style.Children with autism seem to naturally gravitate to technology and computers so it makes absolute […]

27 Visual, Sensory, and Augmentative Apps for Autism

Hi Everyone,Again another article from eSchool News on iPad apps that you can use with children who have autism, quoting a veteran educator and autism consultant… ME! 27 visual, sensory, and augmentative apps for autismVeteran educator and autism consultant lists the best apps for autismBy Meris Stansbury, Associate EditorRead more by Meris StansburyJune 14th, 2013With the […]

How iPads Can Support Learning For Students With Autism

Hi Everyone,eSchool news wrote an article about how iPads can support learning for students with autism, and quoted me and my work as their reference! They also included a few of my recommendations for what apps you can use with children with autism.To read the article follow the link below:How iPads can support learning for […]

The Value of Using Photos with Children who have Autism

Hi Everyone, Students on the Autism Spectrum often have short attention spans, have difficulty adapting to change and may find difficulty in expressing themselves appropriately. Using pictures, pictographs or photographs can improve their ability to communicate by providing a visual image for their feelings, thoughts, wants or needs. Viewing pictures of routines/schedules can make transitions […]

Visual Schedules (VS) Using The iPad

Hi Everyone, There are numerous benefits to using Visual Schedules (VS) with individuals with Autism and there is also significant research supporting their use for individuals on the Autism Spectrum (AS). A Visual Schedule can be the key to increasing independence and managing anxiety for students with Autism. This can make a huge difference to the […]

iPads and Autism – Setting Up The Parameters

Setting up the parameters for using technology is something every parent should do, but it is especially important when you are using an iPad for autism education. This blog gives you a brief introduction to how that is done, including:How will you use the iPad?Security issuesSelecting appsMake sure you know how the apps workAllocate the iPad […]

Karina’s Child Development Club Blog – Using iPads With Children Who Have Autism

Hi Everyone, I have been writing a blog for the Child Development Club’s website for a few months now. I have been sharing my insights on using iPads with children who have autism, not just in the classroom but for use at home as well. This is the first blog in the series, and I talk about […]

Rational for using iPads in Education

Imagine a school, just for one moment… Where you walked into the door of the school… And the very first questionnaire would contain the questions: “What do you love to do?” What is your favorite thing in life? What are you good at? What would make you smile? How would life/school be if you could […]