Effective Teacher Professional Development

Digital Learning Tree Professional Development

Digital Learning Tree Professional DevelopmentProfessional development needs to be ongoing and carried out over time, rather than presented in one-day workshops.

  1. That is exactly what Digital Learning Tree has done offering “Cutting Edge” 21st Century relevant Professional Development on-line.
  2. Professional development should be delivered “in the context of the teacher’s subject area”.
  3. Digital Learning Tree’s iPad and Android eCourses are designed to cover all subject areas showing teachers how to develop New Common Core Lessons and Content using the best Apps in each subject area.
  4. Peer coaches and mentors “are found to be highly effective in helping teachers implement a new skill” and so should be employed when possible.
  5. Digital Learning Tree’s eCourses are all developed by some of the very best teachers and administrators in the United States.
  In California the state has recently set aside (1.3) billion dollars to help school pay for “Professional Development having to do with the “New Common Core”.  Many of the eCourses that Digital Learning Tree is offering fall into this category for funding because they are helping teachers develop content and lessons to the New Common Core Standards.