The Value of Using Photos with Children who have Autism

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Students on the Autism Spectrum often have short attention spans, have difficulty adapting to change and may find difficulty in expressing themselves appropriately. Using pictures, pictographs or photographs can improve their ability to communicate by providing a visual image for their feelings, thoughts, wants or needs. Viewing pictures of routines/schedules can make transitions easier since the children can visually see what is expected of them and what comes next.

Benefits of using photos on the ipad for children who have autism

This blog covers how you can use the iPad and photos to assist your child or student who has autism, including:
  • How photos are beneficial
  • How you can use photos in the classroom
  • Apps that can use photos
  • My favorite apps that incorporate photos
  • A few examples of how your students can use them in lessons/projects

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The Benefits of Using Photos on the iPad for Children Who Have Autism

– Karina

Using The iPad to Create Social Stories

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We hear a lot about the term ‘Social Stories’ in the field of autism and there is a lot of discussion about how to use them for children on the Spectrum. I personally believe that social stories can be a really powerful tool that can be used for children who need visual cues and demonstrations to assist with concept development, behavior modification, and transitions and change management. As we use iPads and tablets more and more, it makes sense to also use the technology to create our social stories.

Social Stories can be used to:

  •  Change an unwanted behavior
  •  Encourage positive behavior or actions
  •  Alleviate stress and anxiety
  •  Visually explain a concept or idea that might be challenging or difficult to understand
  •  Create consistency and routine
  •  Transition between one event to another; or from one developmental stage to another i.e. toileting

Social Stories using the iPad

This blog with Child Development Club covers the basics of creating a social story using the iPad, including:

  • What social stories can do for your student with autism
  • What social stories can be used for
  • What to consider when creating a social story
  • Using technology to create social stories
  • What apps you can use to create social stories
  • Links to apps you can use to create social stories
  • Examples of social stories

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Using the iPad to Create Social Stories

Visual Schedules (VS) Using The iPad

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There are numerous benefits to using Visual Schedules (VS) with individuals with Autism and there is also significant research supporting their use for individuals on the Autism Spectrum (AS). A Visual Schedule can be the key to increasing independence and managing anxiety for students with Autism. This can make a huge difference to the child and in turn diminish meltdowns, anxious behavior and foster positive growth. 

This blog goes through the advantages of visual schedules, how to create visual schedules, and what apps you can use to create visual schedules. 

Visual Schedules using the iPad

I recommend Keynote and Pages to create visual schedules, but there are many other options available. 
If you follow the links below you will be taken to the Apple App Store to download. 


   Keynote App                        Pages App


Popplet App                            Grafio App

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Visual Schedules (VS) Using The iPad

– Karina 

iPads and Autism – Setting Up The Parameters

Setting up the parameters for using technology is something every parent should do, but it is especially important when you are using an iPad for autism education. 
This blog gives you a brief introduction to how that is done, including:
  • How will you use the iPad?
  • Security issues
  • Selecting apps
  • Make sure you know how the apps work
  • Allocate the iPad for educational use only
  • The device cannot do the work for you, or replace you as a teacher
  • Implementing guidelines

Setting up the parameters blog

To read the whole blog, please visit iPads and Autism. Setting Up Parameters 

– Karina

Karina’s Child Development Club Blog – Using iPads With Children Who Have Autism

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I have been writing a blog for the Child Development Club’s website for a few months now. I have been sharing my insights on using iPads with children who have autism, not just in the classroom but for use at home as well. 

This is the first blog in the series, and I talk about iPads and why they work for children on the Autism Spectrum. 

ipads CDC Blog intro

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iPads and Autism. Why they work.

You can read the series of Child Development Club blogs on iPads for autism, and learn the many benefits of using the iPad with children with special needs:

– Karina