Using The iPad to Create Social Stories

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We hear a lot about the term ‘Social Stories’ in the field of autism and there is a lot of discussion about how to use them for children on the Spectrum. I personally believe that social stories can be a really powerful tool that can be used for children who need visual cues and demonstrations to assist with concept development, behavior modification, and transitions and change management. As we use iPads and tablets more and more, it makes sense to also use the technology to create our social stories.

Social Stories can be used to:

  •  Change an unwanted behavior
  •  Encourage positive behavior or actions
  •  Alleviate stress and anxiety
  •  Visually explain a concept or idea that might be challenging or difficult to understand
  •  Create consistency and routine
  •  Transition between one event to another; or from one developmental stage to another i.e. toileting

Social Stories using the iPad

This blog with Child Development Club covers the basics of creating a social story using the iPad, including:

  • What social stories can do for your student with autism
  • What social stories can be used for
  • What to consider when creating a social story
  • Using technology to create social stories
  • What apps you can use to create social stories
  • Links to apps you can use to create social stories
  • Examples of social stories

Please follow the link to read the full blog:

Using the iPad to Create Social Stories

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