“Technology is a huge game changer for students with autism and it is important that as educators we use them appropriately. They should not just be used to ‘tame’ the student who is having a meltdown, or as a ‘filler’ when students can’t keep up with the ‘mainstream’ work.  When used properly, technology (specifically the iPad) can bridge the gaps for the students who have learning differences; and can be utilized to differentiate lessons like never before.”

Join in on the discussion, using iPads with children who have autism. A lot is being said in the news, through advocacy agencies, education providers and various social media networks. What does this all mean? Will an iPad give children with autism a voice? Will it improve on their education? We explore all of these questions and look at the situation as a whole.
We come to our own conclusions… What are your thoughts? What has been your experience? Where do we go from here?

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