The Value of Using Photos with Children who have Autism

Hi Everyone,
Students on the Autism Spectrum often have short attention spans, have difficulty adapting to change and may find difficulty in expressing themselves appropriately. Using pictures, pictographs or photographs can improve their ability to communicate by providing a visual image for their feelings, thoughts, wants or needs. Viewing pictures of routines/schedules can make transitions easier since the children can visually see what is expected of them and what comes next.

Benefits of using photos on the ipad for children who have autism

This blog covers how you can use the iPad and photos to assist your child or student who has autism, including:
  • How photos are beneficial
  • How you can use photos in the classroom
  • Apps that can use photos
  • My favorite apps that incorporate photos
  • A few examples of how your students can use them in lessons/projects

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The Benefits of Using Photos on the iPad for Children Who Have Autism

– Karina