iPads, Tablets, and Mobile Learning for Professional Development

After talking with our best teachers and executive team we have decided to continue to serve the hundreds of teachers who have signed up for classes and our learning platform by asking every educator to create a sharable lesson or learning module.

We have the unique opportunity as a company to ask our fellow educators to use our platform to collaborate and help one another.

Look for many courses that you will be able to learn from for free.  For professional development, whether it is learning how to use media effectively in the classroom or famously known as flip teaching (our teachers is nationally known as the best coach and presenter on edweb.net made up of over 80,000 leaders).  Another popular course that has gotten international recognition is our ipad for teachers course.  Karina Barley as been equipping teachers using ipads and tablets in the classroom for over 5 years.  She has fine-tuned her graduate level course and is getting perfect reviews 100% of the time which is incredible.  Karina also has a passion for Autism solutions using ipads, sensory-based curriculum.

We have many more recruited teachers who are building courses in gamification or as Randall Fujimoto says, game-based learning.  He is in the process of developing a complete curriculum to modernize the learning experience needed for today’s educator and student.  Gamification or gamifying the classroom and online hybrid learning experience takes a lot of intentional planning as well as well-thought out pedagogy.  Stay tuned for many many helpful solutions.
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