Jim Knight is a retired teacher with over 30 years’ experience as a classroom teacher. He has taught Elementary, High School and Special Education students over the past 30 years. Jim has secured two teaching credentials and a Master’s Degree in Education Technology. After his retirement 4 years ago he started a Silicon Valley Company from the ground up called Digital Learning Tree www.digitallearningtree.com.

As the Co-Founder and VP of Education for DLT the past 4 years Jim has mentored some of the TOP Teachers in the United States helping them design and develop over (20) online eCourses. Most all of these dynamic eCourses are for Professional Development University Credit or Continuing Ed Credit.

Best Resources For Education

br />Introduction to iPads is an online class you don’t want to miss if you are interested in honing your skills as a 21st century educator.

Barb C.iPads in Education Student

br />This was one of the best ipad classes that I have ever taken. It gave me some very good apps that I can use as a teacher and a parent.

Jeff F.iPads in Education Student

br />This iPad class taught by Karina Barley is a must for any teacher.  I honestly think every school district should require it.  To say it is a wealth of information is an understatement.  With our 21st Century and changing times, technology is our future.  There is no better way than to incorporate iPads into our classrooms.

Joan H.iPads in Education Student

em>This class was outstanding! I learned a variety of methods for using the ipad in my Title I classroom. I also quite appreciated the basics of ipad use and safety. This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. All of the lessons were extremely practical and useful.

Lisa S.iPads in Education Student