Sample of a Tablet – KENNA Tablet by TeacherTube (1 Million Plus Registered Teachers)

  • Capacitive Screen
    9.7″ touch screen
  • Operating System
    Android Jelly Bean 4.1
  • File Storage
    16GB HD + MicroSD
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth and WiFi
  • One-Step Education Eco-System
  • Affordable Android Tablet
  • Complete eTeaching Platform
  • Codie Award Winning Content
Built on the latest android platform and bundled with Codie Award Winning Content, this tablet is as versatile as it is powerful. Teachers will love the ability to create courses from scratch or copy existing ones via our CONTENT PLATFORM HERE. School officials will love the analytic features. You will be able to engage students through an interactive learning experience in an environment where they want to learn.