iPads in Education – Teacher Reviews

Your iPad course is excellent! It is very comprehensive, useful, and practical. It is forcing me to do work on the iPad, which I really appreciate. I had never created a slideshow using the iPad, so there were many technical issues, such as getting images to the camera roll, that I had to figure out. The curriculum, such as delving into the Common Core Standards, is helping me to comprehend critical parts of those standards. You have put together excellent resources.
Gayle Britt

“The iPads in Education course was amazing. It enabled me to become familiar with a number of educational applications on the iPad to use in my classroom both for my teaching, and for the students. The application Explain Everything is an amazing screencasting application that can be used to introduce a new concept to students. It can also be used for Flip Teaching, which was a different concept that I was introduced to in this course. This application can be used with real pictures to help teach/introduce concepts to the students. Other screencasting applications such as Show Me, Educreation, Screenchomp, and Knowmia Teach (along with Explain Everything) can be used for both the teacher and the student to create educational content to share. We explored a variety of math applications- Tangrams, Montessori, MathBoard, Math Magic, Place Value MAB, Jungle Coins, and Math Land are just a couple of the great math applications that we were able to explore with this course. It is amazing how many of the Common Core Standards that can be practiced using the iPads in a very interactive way.
Finally, we learned about how to child proof the iPad for use in the classroom. I was not aware of how user-friendly the iPad settings are when it comes to turning different aspects on and off. I was able to control the settings so that I feel completely comfortable giving my students the iPads for independent use during center time, and knowing that they are unable to access any inappropriate content, pictures, etc.”

Nicole Bartig

I recently completed the online course, iPads in Education, through the University of North Dakota. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to make the best use of their Ipad. The course covered the basics of setting up the Ipad as well as more in-depth uses of this device. I found the class to be well organized and well structured. The format was challenging and thought provoking which kept the class interesting. The instructor was extremely helpful and responded promptly to my questions. This is definitely the class to take for everyone involved in the use of this type of technology in education.
Joni Magstadt
Second Grade Classroom Teacher
Kidder County School – Steele

I really enjoyed this course. When I started the course I had very basic knowledge of the iPad and had used some simple literacy and numeracy apps that involved ‘fill in the gaps’ or listen to the letter sound. This course let me know that there is so much more that the ipad can do. It can really allow the students to express themselves and their knowledge/understanding, rather than just ‘tell me’, The suggested apps were fantastic. I had no idea that there were so many different apps to engage students in literacy and numeracy. I really look forward to exploring and using these apps in the classroom. Thankyou for a great course.
Celeste B.

I see the iPad as an extremely useful and beneficial device for both teachers and students. This class has really opened my eyes to the tremendous power of the iPad, and I now view it as a device that I do not want to be without in the classroom.
Barb Castleman

I really enjoyed this course as it challenged my thinking and understanding of education. I liked the fact that there was lots of apps that were practical for all learning areas of the curriculum to cater for the diverse student population. It has extended my knowledge and skills, whilst being easy to follow and understand.
Anne H.

A great course! I found the comprehensive coverage of new apps and how to use them very useful. Having taught with one to one iPads for a year now in our own iPad trial at my school, many of the apps I had already seen and used. But the course content in its entirety would be ideal for someone yet to start using and teaching with iPads. I found my core list of apps by trial and error, where this course would have set this out for me quickly and easily saving me plenty of time. I would certainly recommend this course to others who are about to start teaching with iPads.
Zachary C.

This iPad class taught by Karina Barley is a must for any teacher.  I honestly think every school district should require it.  To say it is a wealth of information is an understatement.  With our 21st Century and changing times, technology is our future.  There is no better way than to incorporate iPads into our classrooms.  I learned ways to use the iPad I would never have thought of had I not taken this class. Karina is brilliant and has a way of teaching that reflects her expertise that will engage you throughout the course.  Each lesson includes a number of recommended apps that are amazing.  With each lesson, I became more confident, acquired more apps, and have the knowledge I need to successfully integrate the iPad into my classroom.  Karina Barley is a gifted and talented educator.  Thank you so much.
Joan Hansen

I highly recommend this class to all teachers in any grade level. The format of the class is nicely laid out and easy to follow along. The course goals and objectives were laid out clearly and all students know what is expected of them. The information that Karina shares is amazing and useful to any classroom teacher. Course work was graded and wonderful feedback was given on all assignments. I would highly recommend iPads in Education to any educator wishing to increase their knowledge and the usefulness of iPads in their classroom.
Kristin Clark

This was one of the best ipad classes that I have ever taken. It gave me some very good apps that I can use as a teacher and a parent. Some apps
were very diverse. I ended up sharing them with my wife, who happens to be an English teacher, and we looked at ways to use these apps in interdisciplinary lessons. I also shared some of the apps with the resource room so that students with disabilities could use them. After taking the class it really made me really think about finding ways to use the ipad in my classroom since I had done very little with it before. I hope by using these apps my students will learn to connect more with my lessons.
I even found some apps that my 2nd grade son could use. In fact one of the bug apps, he really enjoyed. He would grab my ipad every time I wasn’t on it and would play it. He even played one night for 2 hours.
Jeff Fuchs 
Four Winds Community High School

Hello Karina! Thank you for making such a great class. I loved it. You may use any of the assignments I have created in the resource section. I would be honored.
Susan Hyden

I have learned so much and I plan to use this in my classroom. I never realized how much I could do with this tool! Thanks for all the information-I plan to share some of these apps with my fellow educators. I really enjoyed this class!
Peggy Erickson

I have learned many things about my ipad that I would never have determined through an owner’s manual. I am definitely a hands-on learner and this has helped. I have enjoyed learning about how I could use it in my classroom if ever given the opportunity I would jump at the chance. Thank you.
Anne Volk
English Teacher

Thank you so much for this course. I love technology and now have some great ideas to use in my classroom. You are welcome to use any of my lessons. It is very helpful to know that I can refer back to the lessons throughout the year. Thank you again for a wonderful class!
Leslie Wentz

iPads in Education – I really enjoyed taking this class in preparation of our middle school unit rolling out iPads to our students this coming school year. The materials were well-organized and very informative. I appreciate the discussion about the numerous APPS that are available as well as how they can be incorporated into the classroom. I felt that the assignments were a good practice of the material that was presented in the particular lesson. I recommend others taking this class regardless of your knowledge of iPads.
Laurina Calabrese

Great course! Instructor was extremely helpful! Gave information on an abundance of ipad apps.
Valerie Schmidt

Once I figured out the system for posting assignments it was an enjoyable way to take a class. I like the freedom of doing things at my own pace, so that was very nice. My instructor was very helpful, and knowledgeable about content. I thought the class was good, and I would not hesitate to take another from Digital Learning Tree.

This class was outstanding! I learned a variety of methods for using the ipad in my Title I classroom. I also quite appreciated the basics of ipad use and safety. This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. All of the lessons were extremely practical and useful.
Lisa Symens

New Teacher Help – Teacher Reviews

The course helped me get my class under control, and implement a fair discipline plan
Brittany O. 
The documentation lesson alone is worth the purchase price of this course
Angela P. 

How to Teach Children With Autism – Teacher Reviews

It was good to deepen the subject the way I could through the course. It opened up new perspective on autism and “difficult” children in general.

Very insightful and beneficial. The course educator was very informative.

This was an extremely worthwhile course that has given me a valuable insight into the way that a person with AS views the world. The material was relevant and the videos were inspirational. I really like the view that AS should not be seen as a disorder but rather as a difference in learning styles or in the way that the brain functions. I now understand that the use of technology in the classroom for AS students is crucial to their learning and the list of recommended iPad apps is fantastic. I would recommend this course to all Teachers and Aides.

This course was extremely beneficial in increasing my awareness of specific strategies that can be utilized when working with children with autism. The videos provided an excellent opportunity to understand the intricacies of autism.

I highly recommend this course to all teaching staff. It was a huge eye opener into the mind of a child with Autism. Well worth enrolling!

The Autism online course was very informative and gave me more insight into autism than I had gained from anywhere else including Pediatricians and Psychologists. It gave me a lot more information on how to manage melt downs and how these children learn. Some of the videos also gave extremely valuable information on the differences between aspergers and high functioning autism.

This course has given me wonderful background information about Autism. The youtube grabs and relevant readings provided me with a greater understanding of this very complex syndrome.
I have been able to implement many of the ideas suggested by Karina who possesses such wonderful knowledge. Her very practical ideas were easily implemented with children in my class. The responses and behaviors were positive. I would recommend this course to educators who are in need of practical ideas to make the learning environment a positive experience for all.

After doing a few different Autism courses over the years, this course stands out as one of the better ones.

The information and selected YouTube clips were interesting. I especially found the personal stories were very touching and gave me a better understanding of the wide autistic spectrum. Karina Barley was prompt to respond to my posts and made some good suggestions. I really enjoyed this course and look forward to doing more online learning.

Overall I thought the course was informative and beneficial as it provided real life examples and strategies to help enable students with difficulties. I also really enjoyed the video links provided and the brain research areas, especially that of Temple Grandin.

I found this course to be very helpful and informative. The information, practical teaching tips and suggestions, together with the videos provided of peoples’ first hand experiences have, I believed, made me a more effective teacher, with regards to teaching children on the autism spectrum. The testimonies and interviews from people who themselves are on the autism spectrum were particularly helpful, as they provided a valuable insight into the experiences of AS students at school, and in life in general.

This course has significantly increased my knowledge of the Autism Spectrum and equipped me with practical strategies to use in my classroom.

I found the course interesting and effective. The use of YouTube videos to supplement the reading was very worthwhile making online learning that much more effective. The course content was very accessible and most timely given the increasing numbers of children with autism in our classrooms. Thank you for the provision of expertise.
Leslie S.

This course was one of the most enjoyable online courses I have done. It was easy to complete and was easy to access when I was able. I particularly liked the youtube clips to gain a better understanding of Autism. Overall I would give it 10 out of 10, and I will definitely be signing up for further courses.
Jodie M.

Flip Teaching Essentials – Teacher Reviews

I am terrible at technology, but I was able to do almost everything in this course.  I feel a lot better about using technology in my classroom
Tori M. 
All of the techniques in this course are things I can do with my students, and I live outside of the United States
Ahu E.
I love that all the tools in the Flip Teaching course are free so I don’t have to spend a bunch of money
Fran F.