Authored by Karina Barley – M.Ed.

This presentation was a project I created as an assignment for my Master in Education. I majored in Technology (specifically the use of iPads) and Special Education. This work was done when iPads were first introduced and since then the capabilities have improved immensely, and we now have a variety of tablets and apps to choose from. This is a full curriculum unit, initially based on work I did with my Special Education class, yet it can be applied to students of all abilities, as it can be redesigned based on your students curriculum.
If you look at my presentation on QR Codes, this tool could easily be implemented into the unit outline and further engage the students.
Please note, this unit was written with the Australian Curriculum in mind, I have tried to pick up on references to Australia and included the American equivalent, yet I may have missed a few sections and for that I apologize. I trust you can still find this useful, and that the content is essentially universal in regards to inspiring creativity in the classroom.

Kind Regards – Karina

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