Free Access for Educators Who Share One Lesson for Teacher Collaboration 

As an educator you are required to put up one learning module.  Usually this takes no more then 10 minutes.  This will be listed and shared with other educators.

Take a look at lesson one of our popular iPads in Education Online Course to see what your lesson could look like! Get it now!

eTeaching Platform
Teacher Peer Collaboration

Digital Learning Tree has created an eTeaching Platform that gives you the ability to create eCourses with real-time eAssessments that will move teachers and students into the digital age.

Our eTeaching platform allows you to build your courses by entering your content, or using ours. We built it for ease of use and to get teachers up and teaching in the digital world quickly.

There are no limits to the mediums you choose to use, whether it’s text, audio, video or the ability to embed your etextbooks in our platform.
We encourage teachers to collaborate with one another.

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Instant Student Assessment

Our eAssesment engine comes included in our eTeaching Platform and will save you time on grading your students, as well as enable you to better assess where your students may be falling short. Teachers can design tests and assessments using multiple choice, checkbox, true/false, fill in the blanks and short essay answers. Our eAssessment engine also allows teachers to test using multimedia, such as video clips, to check for understanding.

Easy to Use

Digital Learning Tree was created by teachers to help teachers engage students, increase reading comprehension and raise test scores dramatically. We designed and developed our eTeaching platform to be easy and intuitive to use for teachers and students which allows for quick implementation.

Safe & Secure

Our platform was designed, from the ground up, with security in mind. Protecting your intellectual properties is at the very core of our framework. Combine that with our always up to date security standards and you have the piece of mind knowing that your safety is our priority.


Advances in technology have made it possible for us to present you a solution with minimal effort on your end. Gone are the days of worrying about updates and backing up your files. In a cloud based environment we are able to roll out new features and make sure that your content is always secure and accessible. Additionally this framework allows compatibility with most devices giving you plenty of options to access our platform.

API Integrations

Our robust API is what truly sets our platform apart. Specifically built to integrate with content from education providers, we can import traditional lesson plans, complete textbooks, multimedia components, and much more! Find out why the Digital Tree Learning platform is the preferred eTeaching platform for educational providers to showcase their content.