iPads for Austim Education – By Karina Barely – M.Ed.
Transforming the way we teach children with autism!

All children have the right to an education and educational resources that enable them to:
1/ Learn how to learn
2/ Have their lessons differentiated and individualized
3/ Achieve success in their learning, according to their own individual learning style

Children with autism learn differently and it is the view of many researchers and experts such as Simon Baron-Cohen (2005) and Temple Grandin (2010) that autism is not so much a disease but indeed a difference in learning styles. There is significant research that supports the use of technology for students who are on the Autism Spectrum as a tool to assist their learning outcomes.

When the first iPad was released in 2010, Karina instantly saw the potential it would have for her students and within a 18 months she had successfully trialed them in her Special Needs classroom with amazing results.
Since then she has gained her Master of Education specializing in Technology and Special Education, written over 20 online courses based on her experience and expertise, and now she is launching the first of its kind, iPads for Autism Education course series. 

Karina’s Free Autism Education Resources