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Flipagram in the Classroom

Flipagram in the Classroom I put together this new presentation on BrainShark for using Flipagram in the Classroom, including information such as:What is Flipagram?Why use Flipagram? Making a Flipagramand most importantly!How can I use it in MY classroom?Please follow the link below to view the presentationFlipagram in the ClassroomLearn more about Flip Teaching or visit our Free Teacher […]

My TechTools edWeb Community

Join TechTools for the Classroom: Easy Ideas to Engage StudentsTechTools is a free professional learning community (PLC) where educators can discover new resources, free technology, and great ideas for integrating technology into the classroom to engage and inspire students.The community hosts free monthly webinars and live chats that are highly engaging and interactive.  Online discussions […]

Upcoming Webinar – Classroom Discipline Mistakes That Undermine Your Authority

Classroom Discipline Mistakes That Undermine Your AuthorityTue, December 2, 5pm – 6pmUpcoming webinar with Shannon Holden, follow the links to join the discussion!CalendaredWebinarsCreated byjenifer@edweb.netDescriptionPresented by Shannon Holden, Assistant Principal, Republic Middle School, MO Click here for more information and to pre-register for the live session. Join the live session at the scheduled time at: www.instantpresenter.com/edweb6. […]

My New Teacher Help edWeb Community

New Teacher Help: An Online Community for New TeachersNew Teacher Help is a professional learning community (PLC) that helps new teachers get advice and support, and share experiences about the first years of teaching.In our series of free webinars, live chats, and online discussions, you’ll explore how to:“Set the tone” for a productive year of student […]

Reduce Tardies in Your School

I have worked in many different secondary schools, and they all have one thing in common… They all at one time or another have had a “Tardy Problem”. That is, many students did not feel the importance of showing up for class on time, and wandered to class one, two, or even five minutes late […]

Coin Flip Discipline

As an administrator, I am faced with several student disputes in a normal day. My job at that point is to listen to both sides of the story, and try to steer the two sides to a peaceful resolution of the problem. If the dispute persists, I then try to determine who the aggressor is, […]

Five Questions for Students Accused of Bullying

One of the main reasons why bullying is not addressed is that the bully tells teachers, the Principal, or their parents that they were just “playing around” with the victim. While it is socially acceptable for friends to call each other unflattering names or make harmless physical contact – it is NOT acceptable for people to […]

Why Do We Have To Explain “Why” To Students?

Why do teachers have to explain why each rule exists? Everyone remembers their time in school. For most, it was a time of innocence, learning, and fun. Some remember it as a painful time…filled with bullies, mean teachers, and not being part of the “cool” group. People’s attitudes towards school remain unchanged with the passage […]