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If you are signed up with edWeb you can go back and review this webinar I did on apps for augmentative communication, sensory therapy and creating visual boards and social stories back in June 2013. I am hoping I will get the chance to do another webinar with edWeb in the future. 

Apps for Augmentative Communication, Sensory Therapy, and Creating Visual Boards & Social Stories

Most of us know there are apps for cooking, music, bumping, teaching, even dancing.  What you may not know is that these same apps can be used for teaching students with Autism. Presenter Karina Barely, discussed the use of iPads and mobile devices as a learning tool for students on the Autism Spectrum in this month’s Teaching Students with Autism webinar.  She demonstrated how these devices can be used to help students with Autism improve concentration, be motivated to work harder, and improve their classroom behavior. In addition to showing ways to personalize learning based on each students needs, she shared examples of apps for that can be used as communication and sensory tools.  Watch the webinar to find out more.

Quotes from this session:

“I agree!  Social Stories are so important for these kids!”

“Thank you very much.  I am a graduate student preparing to teach in the Fall by an alternative cert route.  This has been very very good.”

“Thanks for this! awesome presentation, very well done.  Thank you!”

Autism 6-7-2013

Presented by Karina Barley, veteran educator and president of Project Autism in Australia

Karina Barley is an educator in Australia, teaching in mainstream schools for over 15 years and in special needs schools for the last 5 years. She also runs Project Autism, which provides services and support to parents, teachers and care givers of children with autism for making the lives of these children more manageable. Karina holds a Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma of Education, Diploma of Life Coaching, as well as a Masters of Education (Special Education) with a focus on autism, autism education, technology and autism, and giftedness and autism.

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